WhatsApp Reseller Subscription

Are you a re-seller looking for unique products from Artsy India to be circulated among your Whatsapp groups?

Due to the premium nature of our collection, we do not encourage open and free circulation of our images.

However, in order to restrict the circulation of these images among a selected few premium re-sellers who are confident enough of being able to sell our Premium Handwoven Sarees from Chanderi and Maheshwari, we share these images on Monthly Subscription basis at a nominal charge of Rs. 499 per month

Please use the Subscribe button below to subscribe to our monthly plan for just Rs. 499/month!



- Our premium re-seller group subscribers get special discounted prices ranging from 15-35% on our retail prices, depending upon the sarees you buy! Reseller Prices shall be mentioned while we send the images over Whatsapp. 

- Subscription date starts from the date of making the payment, and ends on the 30th day from the date of payment. To renew your subscription, kindly subscribe again. We do not charge automatically to your bank/card, and hence you will need to renew the subscription every time! 

- As a part of monthly subscription, we shall send you a total of atleast 5, and a maximum of 10 Chanderi & Maheshwari Collection updates every month, with each update carrying images of atleast 20 and maximum of 40 Handwoven and Handpicked Chanderi and Maheshwari Sarees! 

- Subscribers get regular inventory sold-out updates. Although availability is always an issue in the world of handwoven sarees, we try our best to keep the subscribers updated with the latest availability! 

- Any order received through Whatsapp reseller mode will not be entertained through COD payment mode, since COD delivery is charged extra by the courier agencies, and many states have regulatory issues regarding COD delivery. In order to ensure smooth delivery, we want to keep our relationship on only through Prepaid mode of payments. 

- Please note that the Monthly Subscription charges are non-refundable! Once subscribed successfully, you will start receiving the updates as promised above! :) 

For any other queries, please feel free to Whatsapp us or call us at 96633-33667, or email us at [email protected]